Randy Liedtke On Conan

Once in a while I’ll look to share a cool stand up set from a comic I find cool or interesting. This is one of those times. Right, now. It’s happening, people!

This set that Randy Liedtke did on Conan was not your typical late night set, which I think makes it really cool. For part of it, he grabs his iPad and plays his “audiobook.”

Not your typical stuff. Check it out! Liedtke recently recorded his Comedy Central album. You can learn more about Liedtke here.

7 thoughts on “Randy Liedtke On Conan

  1. This guy is awesome. The only tablet joke I came up with was a play on being an older guy with new technology: “Is anyone else offended by people who are so important they have to interrupt your conversation for a phone call? I mean who do they think they…Wait a minute…I have to get this this…I am really sorry but this is a very important call…(whispering) Hello, actually I am busy right now…Can I call you…Nothing…what are you wearing?…No you hang up…No you hang up..okay on three we’ll both hang up. Bye grandma love you…Thanks for being patient guys…

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    1. Haha I think the grandma part makes it work. Didn’t see that coming. Don’t think I have any technology jokes…need to get on that!

      His style is great. It’s so laid back, but people clearly love that about him. The crowd seems much more excited than he is and I have no idea how he pulls that off so well.

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      1. I have also thought about taking it dark and doing something like. Does anyone else reallt enjoy anonymously trolling people on FB? Admit it. You had a bad day at work. You spouse is driving you nuts. Then someone has the temerity to share a cute baby pic or a sweet bromide meme like “Those we love dont go away. They walk beside us every day.” with a picture of the Buddha. Aren’t you a little tempted to go. I think you have a ghost problem. I do not think that is normal at all. Have you thought about a seance or an exorcism because I recently re-watched some ’70’s and ’80’s horror flicks and this does not end well…for anyone.


      2. Haha i really like the line “that is not normal.” You could also try to tie it back into facebook or the baby somehow. I thought the joke was going to be about the baby or facebook, but it’s really just about the quote “those we love don’t go away.”


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