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What is life like as a comedian?

To most people, comedians are kind of mysterious. A lot of people don’t know how comedians live their lives, do their work, or even really what their work actually involves. So, I want to share all of that because I’m a comedian. Well, I just kind of got here to New York City, but it’s a start. 

Why would normal people care about stand up comedians? Stand up comedy is getting more and more popular; that’s indisputable. There’s kind of a nice little second comedy boom going on right now and there are countless outlets for comics these days to find their audiences: television shows, online shows, talk shows, podcasts, voiceover, sketch, other forms of writing. For whatever reason, not many comics seem to have blogs just yet…for my sake I hope that isn’t a bad thing. 

But not only do I think that people are getting into consuming comedic content, I also think that people are starting to want to understand more about what being a comic is like. They want to know what a comic is doing during the day. They want to know how she came up with a joke. In other words, they want to get the “inside” joke when it comes to comedy; they don’t just want to laugh at comics, they want to laugh with comics.

In fact, I tell a lot of “comic” jokes: jokes that comics think are funny but might never work on a “real” audience. I actually think it’s just a matter of time before there isn’t much of a difference. People know what it’s like to be a professional athlete, it doesn’t take much imagination. They should be able to grasp what it’s like to be a comic, too. And because people are curious, I think they want to know.

I guess we’ll see if I’m right! Here you’ll find all the typical stuff that would go down in my comedy notebook: ideas for jokes and stories, thoughts that I have about “comedian things” in article form, and a bunch of other cool comedy material I find all over the place, a lot of which I only know about because other comics told me. I hope you enjoy!


Like most things that aren’t the same forever, this is a work in progress. I’d love to hear any feedback about what you think is good, bad, or just fine.

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