Bill Burr’s Pie Crust Tutorial

This might be the first time I’m posting about Bill Burr, and for what I think is as fantastic a reason as any. I listened to his latest podcast episode yesterday and he mentioned a pie crust video that he uploaded to YouTube that got like 600k views. He said it has gotten more views than some of his comedy specials, which is pretty funny.

The video has got more than 700k, last I checked. It’s pretty funny. Just the idea of a tough guy with a thick Boston accent walking you through how to make pie crust is funny. It’s not every day you hear a baking video where the host goes, “You know what? I bet someone, somewhere is jerking off to this.”

I’ve heard from other famous comedians that he’s actually pretty awesome at cooking and baking. So I’d listen to him.

Louis C.K. on George Carlin

Do you ever see a famous comic and wonder what it would have been like to have been them growing up? Who did they look up to? Who did they want to be?

This is a video from some memorial event for George Carlin. Louis actually gets kind of emotional in his speech. The speech is about ten minutes long and Louis talks about how Carlin elicited his first “adult laugh,” gave him hope as a struggling comic coming from the same background, and inspired him to rewrite his sets every year like he does today. It’s a fantastic glimpse into C.K.’s inspiration for comedy. It’s also a fantastically written speech.

The Most Hated Comedians of All Time

Hey, if I should know anything about anything, you’d think it would be “hating.” Why? Well, for some strange reason I seem to have this effect on people where they either tend to think I’m okay or they completely 100% hate my guts. Luckily, I think the people who hate my guts are very much in the minority. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

I’m not totally sure why, but maybe it’s just a comedy thing. When you look at the world in a funny way, people are bound to think your perspective is wrong.

Starting with Jay Leno, a lot of hated comics have been coming up in my posts and so I thought I’d do some more research on the subject. I found this Gawker article that lists “the most hated comics of all time:” Jeff Dunham, Dane Cook, Carlos Mencia, Rosie O’Donell, etc. I think the article is mostly from the public perspective, since there are a bunch of comics who a lot of other comics hate who aren’t on here simply because audiences love them. I can think of several examples myself. And, the only comics on here are really comics that were popular during the 90’s and early 2000’s, so it’s not a totally complete list. But you get a tiny taste of the hate.

What stands out to me the most from the article is that you can be hated for a wide variety of reasons: joke thievery, hackiness, treating other comics poorly, depending on a crutch, personality, you name it. It was somewhat refreshing to find some comics on there that I’m not a huge fan of for whatever reason. I won’t say which, but is there anything more fun than bonding over mutual hatred? Hardly.

Just hopefully I can be not hated by most people. And try to be a good person. I’ll consider that a win.

People love videos. Here’s a video of “overrated comedians.”