Comedy Central Presents: Zach Galifianakis, Then Vs. Now

You know that guy Zach Galifianakis from the hangover. You know him from his Splitsider top 20 comedy album of all time, Zach Galifianakis: Live at the Purple Onion. But, six years before that, in 2001, he was on Comedy Central Presents. And you can hear the difference.

Check out this recording of his 2001 special and compare to Live at the Purple Onion and who he is now. It’s some of the same material, but the character is even more extreme.

It’s fascinating┬áto see how he grows and develops his delivery over those six years.

Shout out to a friend who suggested these videos!

The Worst Jim Gaffigan Ever Bombed

I remember my worst time quite, quite clearly. It was a five-minute set in the darkest, quietest room I’ve ever been in. It was horrible for me, and I don’t even mind bombing that much.

It’s refreshing to hear big time comics talk about their worst bombs, because it’s humanizing. They weren’t always awesome all the time.

Here’s a little video of Jim Gaffigan talking about his worst bomb, I believe was filmed right before he went on The Tonight Show. I actually don’t really consider his story a “bomb,” even though that’s how he sells it, since he saved it and the audience was fine. But hey, maybe Gaffigan never bombs.