A Comedian’s Notebook 2.0 Is Now Live At acomediansnotebook.com!

Yup, that’s right: this blog is now old hat. Cuz I have a new hat. And that new hat is acomediansnotebook.com – it fits very well, you can wear it for almost any occasion, and the hat doubles as a stand up comedy blog. It’s pretty! It’s better! Go there!

Facts About The New Site/Hats

  • fewer/better articles always out on Tuesdays
  • awesome comedian guest writers
  • original art by multitalented comedians
  • fancy design
  • can wear it on your head (only applies to hats)

The first new article is live right now! It’s real cool…it’s called What Your Microphone Grip Says About You. Oh my gosh is it funny!

I’m still keeping this site around at stumelton.wordpress.com and maybe even as stumelton.com …but I’m not going to be updating anything here. SO if you want to stay up to date on everything new, like the Facebook page, follow the Twitter, or join the mailing list! But most importantly, go read what new stuff I’ve got on the new site! You can tell how cool it is by my new logo. Wow, what a great day!


FYI I’m Not Dead!

Oh, hey everyone! I just wanted to make it clear that I’m still alive and just as into this blogging thing as ever. In fact, I’m more alive. If that’s possible? Idk, I’ve been working out a little so that makes somewhat sense. I’ve also kept writing stuff and I have plenty of sweet, hot, juicy content ready to publish.

BUT – something really cool is happening: I’m working with a friend to re-launch my site and make it look prettier. And I’m gonna upload a bunch of new content along with it. What do you say? “PRETTY COOL!” That’s what you say. And I agree, smart person! You clever dog, you!

Okay. I just want you to know. Get ready for an increase in general awesomeness. Cuz people have been all, “What are you doing…did you give up on blogging?” Hardly. I’m doubling down!!! And I’m going to make things amazing!!!

Also, I’m always tweeting tons of really cool stand up articles, videos, and other stuff on my twitter account. In fact, that’s where all the COOL STUFF will be from now on, as I’m trying to streamline my content. Check it out!

In closing, fun fact about me: sometimes, I wake up in the morning as Jimmy Neutron.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 12.42.45 PM


Gabe Smith “Hello, I’m Gabe” Tinder Tales Episode 04

Check out my comedian friend David Piccolomini’s Podcast! He talks about Tinder and online dating and it’s fun :D

Tinder Tales Podcast


>>This right here is the podcast click it<<<

Direct Link Right Click Save Link As For This One

Welcome to Tinder Tales! This is my new podcast about the best and worst of Tinder. I am joined by New York Comedian Gabe Smith. Don’t let that picture fool you Gabe is on probably the silliest episode of this podcast to date also Gabe has a lot of anxiety and we talk about how to deal with that while trying to date.

Follow Gabe at @prettyboysalad and Medium.com/@Gabe_Smith

Follow me at @Piccolomeany and See my Show Million Dollar Basement Show at Mr. Dennehys Bar in the West Village April 14th 9PM

I also run a show every Tuesday at Two Boots Williamsburg 8:30 We start a kick ass comedy show and everyone gets a free beer!

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Did You Know? I Run A Comedy Show

Dear people of the internet,

I’m excited for this month’s edition of the show I co-host, Night Cheese. I made a website for it. Check it out…join the mailing list…or don’t. I don’t care. I just like that the website kind of looks like cheese and I wanted to show that off. I clearly have an eye for design.



Brooklyn’s Newest Open Mike

This is a humor piece written by NYC Comedian Lucas Gardner and published in the New York Times. It’s a funny thing I like that pokes fun at the hoops you have to jump through to get stage time as an open mic comic in New York. Garner has written a lot of funny stuff. If you like this, check out his personal site.

In A World On Netflix Is Great

Hey, have I plugged a movie yet? I don’t think so…fertile territory. Fertile ground? Fertile territory? Does anyone say that? I don’t care.

I’ve known this movie was around for a while, but did not get around to seeing it until recently. I loved it. I could see how someone might not love it, but I thought it was written well, wasn’t too slow, wasn’t too weird, and wasn’t too clever. It also had some real substance to it.

It also didn’t hurt that some of my favorite funny people are in the movie: Demetri Martin, Tig Notaro, and Nick Offerman. Lake Bell wrote, directed, and starred in the film and it won some award or something or other. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that it’s about voice over work, which I thought would be a silly concept for a movie before seeing it. And it is. But, it’s done well. And I thought parts were laugh-out-loud funny. That’s saying a lot coming from me.

I’d love to compare it to Amy Schumer’s movie soon and see what I think. Because this movie also has some cameos from celebrities and stuff like that, but never got quite the same hype. We shall see!

Check out In a World.