Chris Gethard On Why He Stayed In NYC Instead Of Heading To L.A.

This is a fantastic piece in a series of articles that are being written about NYC and L.A. comedy this week in Vulture.

I know nothing about the comedy scene in L.A. (okay not nothing), but my sister does live there and I’ve visited several other times, too. And from what Gethard says about the two locations…well, I can’t help but agree with him. New York is awesome! I don’t like L.A. right now. Does that mean I’ll stay in NY forever like him? I donno. But I can certainly hop on board with the NY lovin’.

One thing I definitely don’t get about L.A. is that even though you abbreviate NYC like this: NYC, you abbreviate L.A. like this: L.A.. That doesn’t make any sense! Look how clunky those two periods look next to one another! I’m not even sure I did that right…either way, it’s confusing! Come on, L.A.! Efficiency! Take those gosh darn periods out of there. No one will confuse you with Louisiana. I don’t know why you’re insecure about that; you’re much more popular than LA.

Anyways, Chris Gethard is awesome. The way I remember how to spell his last name is that it spells “get hard.” There can’t be a cooler person than that! You can see more of him on The Chris Gethard Show on Fusion.

BTDubs, the picture of Gethard I used was taken at The Creek and the Cave, which I go to pretty much every day.

Jon Huck Loses His Pants – This Is Not Happening

I mentioned Ari Shaffir’s show This Is Not Happening a while back, but I never showed it in its true glory. It’s basically a story-telling show where comics get up and share stories centered on a particular theme.

I stumbled across this video of Jon Huck, a comedian I hadn’t heard of before, and it’s one of the funniest stories I’ve heard. It’s long, but it’s worth the wait. It just shows how awesome the show is, because you’ve got great, well-known comedians like Kyle Kinane, Joe Rogan, and Iliza Shlesinger who appear on the show, but you also have a lot of comics who most people haven’t heard of – and every single one of them are just fantastic stories.

I had to share this one because Huck makes a backhanded shoutout to Naperville, Illinois (my hometown neighbors!) and also because it’s a story about Oktoberfest and the half German in me came out and was like, “yeah!!!” You can follow Jon Huck on Twitter here.

Watch all the great stories here on YouTube.

Learn What It’s Like To Be In A TV Show Writing Room

The Writers’ Room on Netflix and The Writers’ Room Podcast offer a glimpse into what goes on in the heads of the people who pen the most popular and interesting television scripts out there today.

I first found the show through a screenwriting class (cool, right?) and then rediscovered it on Netflix recently, prompting me to watch all six episodes in quick succession. If you’re curious about what it’s like to write for Breaking Bad, Parks and Recreation, Dexter, New Girl, Game of Thrones, American Horror Story, and more, definitely take a look. It’s not just about comedy; it’s about the beautiful, lovely craft of writing!

Here’s a taste…

W/ Bob & David Out On Netflix

A year or so back, a friend told me about Mr. Show with Bob and David – that I should check out some grainy Youtube recording of it. I had never heard of the thing, but I knew of David Cross from Arrested Development and Bob Odenkirk from Breaking Bad. I just thought they were actors and never knew they did sketch. I thought they were both fantastic and so the existence of a Mr. Show blew my mind!

I did start watching that grainy Youtube video and I couldn’t stop. I watched Mr. Show for hours and it was unlike any other sketch show I’d seen. I had fun. But I was also extremely amazed and excited that anyone else actually enjoyed what Bob and David were doing.

I’m glad they’re back with five Neflix original episodes, W/ Bob & David. Watch the trailer. Also, Mr.Show on Youtube is below. Have fun.



The Meltdown With Jonah And Kumail Is Great

Do you want to know what it’s like to hang out in the back of a comic book store with all the best comedians in the world? That’s exactly what Meltdown is: a weird, almost fantastical place where comedians just come to hang out and shoot the shit. Oh, and tell hilarious jokes.

When I first heard of Meltdown, I was like, “Whoa, this is just like The Creek and the Cave, but, like, with really famous comedians.” The Creek and the Cave is a comedy club in Long Island City where I and a bunch of other fledgling comics hang out and talk in between sets and shows, but the somewhat huge difference is that none of us are quite famous yet. The comedians at Meltdown are doing the same thing, except it’s comedians who are on TV all the time, touring the country, and doing their own bigger and better things. But they like to come to Meltdown every week to hang out in the back room because, well, it’s fun.

It’s a hilarious concept for a comedy show: to have two hosts who take way too long on stage at the top, just messing around with the audience and riffing with one another. Like, way too long. And then they bring up all of their friends to do stand up after. Typically, an absolutely awful format for a show. But Jonah and Kumail do it so well and go on for so long that the actual length of their banter becomes funny.

The show is also especially cool for me, because my first show in New York was in a tiny, cramped comic book store. This one is much bigger and cooler. But, it’s totally the same in my mind.

You can watch the show on Comedy Central.

Jim Gaffigan’s Show on TV Land is Great

If there’s anyone who deserves his own show it’s Jim Gaffigan. He’s been around forever and he’s such a big and well-liked name. Finally, he’s got one. And although it isn’t 100% about Hot Pockets, it’s pretty much what you would expect: a funny take on family life with a lot of food sprinkled in. Sprinkled in pretty much everywhere.

The show is actually super easy to find online since it’s on TV Land, a primarily online network. I didn’t know that TV Land existed until now, but it seems like a really cool space with a few different interesting-looking comedies.

As far as the Gaffigan Show episodes go, they are all pretty darn well written. They’re probably funniest to an older “I am a parent” audience, but I’m young and I still think they’re great. One thing to mention is that the show addresses comedy (Jim plays a comedian) but there’s no actual stand up in the show. I think it’s a cool balance between TV and stand up, since most comics who do a show either tend to one extreme or another in terms of incorporating stand up comedy.

It looks like they’ve taken away some of the episodes on the website, but you can still get a taste for the show! Below is a little clip.

Hannibal Buress’s Unemployable Pilot Released

Way back when, Comedy Central ordered a pilot of Hannibal Buress’s show Unemployable. It was never picked up. Hannibal was recently allowed to release the episode.

The premise is that Hannibal has never had a job other than comedy before, so he tries out a bunch of odd jobs to see how truly unemployable he is. Sort of like Dirty Jobs, but less dirty and more funny. Honestly, I think the show could be better given Hannibal’s awesome sense of humor. It doesn’t really play to his strengths and I can see why Comedy Central didn’t pick it up. But it is a fun 20 minutes with some funny editing. People love Hannibal. And he’s from Chicago, like me! Check it out!

Nathan For You Season 3 Premiers Tonight

Nathan for You starring Nathan Fielder is one of my favorite shows on television. It’s one of the smartest comedy shows I’ve seen. Fielder serves as a business consultant to small businesses offering hilarious advice and following through on elaborate plans to make money in the dumbest of ways.

If you don’t know the show, you might have heard of “Dumb Starbucks,” which was an idea that Fielder executed on the show.

Fielder has perfect timing and an uncanny ability to make people trust him when they definitely shouldn’t. Check out this clip from the show where he interviews at a law firm and every word he says is decided by a seven-year-old.

Comedy Magic That I Like

I’m a huge fan of magic but I just hate when people do comedy magic. Usually, the comedy is low quality and the magic is low quality. Which makes me mad. Putting two mediocre things together just makes the whole thing mediocre.

However, Piff the Magic Dragon is an exception. He’s a weird act that I first saw on Penn and Teller’s show Fool Us a few years back. And he’s great. Funny and good magic.

Apparently he’s on to other things. He’s on this season of America’s Got Talent and already made it to the final round because of some gold buzzer or something (I don’t know the silly rules!!!) He deserves it. He has a fantastic resume and he’s been around for a while.

Just saw this interview from Mr. Piff and it’s fun. A short and snarky read.

There’s a video of his America’s Got Talent performance on the interview link. But, he did the same trick on Fool Us and I think he performed it better the first time. Here’s the old video.