“Comedy Is A Luxury”

This is a piece that I can’t remember how I found about how comedy is a luxury. It’s a great message for comedians: do your bestest because the people who are listening don’t have to be there.

The writer of the piece is Mike Logan, a Philly comedian. You can find his blog here and twitter here.

5 thoughts on ““Comedy Is A Luxury”

  1. I appreciate the idea and agree…but only to an extent. While it’s not a *need*, I do think it’s important to bring levity and humor to life…some shit is just too difficult to get through without it.

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  2. Interesting…but I find this sad. As Stephellaneous said, it is important. So many art forms (and I consider comedy an art form) are considered luxuries these days…yet they have the potential to invoke immense healing on all levels to individuals, families, communities, the list goes on. How can you put economic value on that? Thanks for posting this and making me think…although that’s never a good thing!!


    1. Hahaha yeah. I think we agree, but have different ways of phrasing it. I think art is super important but I also think to most people it isn’t a necessity, which is why it could be referred to as a “luxury.” Like, most people wouldn’t prioritize art over money. So if you can have both you’re really pretty darn lucky. That’s how I see it!


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