Amy Schumer And Joke Stealing

If you haven’t heard this recording between Jim Norton and Amy Schumer, it’s a must-hear. She defends herself regarding all the recent accusations of her joke stealing and it’s fascinating.

A lot of comics rush to Schumer’s defense, and rightfully so. I can’t say for sure that she didn’t do it, but the jokes that she’s been accused of stealing are really…well, not that great of jokes that basically anyone could think of. I think it’s more likely to have been coincidence. That won’t stop the internet from bashing her, though. Just take a look at the comments on the video…sheeeeeesh!

On the other hand, Schumer does say a lot of things in this interview that she probably doesn’t have to say. Saying over and over that her accusers aren’t famous like her and suggesting that accusing her of joke stealing is how they think they can get famous is not exactly super classy. That doesn’t mean she’s wrong, and I know she’s clearly upset in the recording, but I might try to handle it a little differently if I were her.


6 thoughts on “Amy Schumer And Joke Stealing

  1. How many subjects exist in every day life? How many different ways are there to tell it? What makes something original? Age old issues existing long before intellectual property laws and joke stealing.

    “I am not saying my wife is fat…okay I am saying my wife is fat.” (Schlocky just wrote it) versus Henny Youngman “when my sits around the house she really sits around the house.” Joke stealing?
    I’d say no two different although only one classic way of saying the same thing. Also, another take considering my current though hopefully temporary weight. “I am not saying my wife is fat but she makes me look like the athlete in the family.” Whoa I just stole my own [lame] joke.

    We can worry about it although let’s look at the times, Rocky VII (?), a new Star Trek, a redo of every classic movie which were attempts to recreate classic books, which were based on philosophical discussions centuries ago. Every generation plays the same dram with new tools and toys.

    Worry about making people laugh and making a living. And in any business, “If you want friends buy a fucking dog.” or do you think it works better simply as “…buy a dog.”

    Either way I totally stole that quote. So sue me!

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    1. Yeahhh to me theres a huge difference between being hacky and being a joke stealer. Of course it’s the intent. But if you’re not a comic or someone who is familiar with stand up it’s easy to look at two similar jokes and just say “oh the second one is stolen.”


  2. By the way, King of Queens is the Honeymooners circa 2000 with an inlaw. Kevin James et al. made bank. Good for him. Jackie Gleeson does not care for obvious reasons.

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  3. On the subject of stealing jokes: This is why I deleted twitter. Too many people stumble upon the same idea with insufficient room to explore it. A comic’s worst nightmare is coming up with a brilliant idea and then googling it to find out that 450 people have already tweeted almost the exact same thing.
    In my experience it’s very clear when a comic has stolen a joke and if you pay attention to their act you’ll see that it’s rarely a one-time-thing.

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    1. Yeah it’s hard to see if a joke is stolen or not unless you do comedy or you’re really into it. That’s something that’s simultaneously really great and really awful about open mic comedy: there’s so much hackiness and repetition, but at the same time there’s room to experiment and find something new with a hacky subject and no one will judge you for it. Unfortunately, Amy isn’t doing open mics anymore and it’s super easy for someone to go “oh I’ve heard that before – she’s a bad person!”

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