Great Comedians You Probably Haven’t Heard Of Week: Day 5

Day Five: Esther Povitsky

Povitsky also came through the Just For Laughs Festival a couple years ago and has been a big name in the LA comedy scene. Yay! Not a New York person!

She’s been on late night a few times and you might have also seen her appear on @midnight or Parks and Recreation. She’s also from Skokie, Illinois. Illinois! Like me!

Povitsky also goes by Little Esther and hosts a podcast called Weird Adults, where she talks to other comedians about what makes them weird. Whoopie! This is how I conclude paragraphs now!

5 thoughts on “Great Comedians You Probably Haven’t Heard Of Week: Day 5

      1. Honestly, I don’t think skill really has much to do with who makes it on that show. Doesn’t mean it’s not still fun to watch. She’s totally going to make it her own way though, everyone loves her style and the industry totally needs more of it. She kind of reminds me of Natasha Leggero.


      2. Yeah, I know what you mean. It’s mostly about the style of comedy that the judges like. And so many people are good on that show, that it’s hard to just like one.


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