When To Quit Comedy

I came across this depressing piece a few days ago: Saying When: When is the right time to walk away from the comedy dream?. It’s a really long piece detailing when you should probably give up on comedy and do something real with your life. What fun!

Why would I want to read something like this? Well, for one, it’s good to know what to avoid. I think I’ve gotten loads better just seeing other comics do badly (not to be mean) and thinking “well I know why that didn’t work.” It’s almost as useful to see what doesn’t work as it is to see what does work and you see a lot of things not working at open mics, that’s for sure.

And for two, comics just like to talk about sad things like failing. Marc Maron has all but made a career out of it.

Positive things I took away:

  • do things your own way
  • don’t compare to others
  • keep creating

See? It’s not all sad.

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