The Most Hated Comedians of All Time

Hey, if I should know anything about anything, you’d think it would be “hating.” Why? Well, for some strange reason I seem to have this effect on people where they either tend to think I’m okay or they completely 100% hate my guts. Luckily, I think the people who hate my guts are very much in the minority. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

I’m not totally sure why, but maybe it’s just a comedy thing. When you look at the world in a funny way, people are bound to think your perspective is wrong.

Starting with Jay Leno, a lot of hated comics have been coming up in my posts and so I thought I’d do some more research on the subject. I found this Gawker article that lists “the most hated comics of all time:” Jeff Dunham, Dane Cook, Carlos Mencia, Rosie O’Donell, etc. I think the article is mostly from the public perspective, since there are a bunch of comics who a lot of other comics hate who aren’t on here simply because audiences love them. I can think of several examples myself. And, the only comics on here are really comics that were popular during the 90’s and early 2000’s, so it’s not a totally complete list. But you get a tiny taste of the hate.

What stands out to me the most from the article is that you can be hated for a wide variety of reasons: joke thievery, hackiness, treating other comics poorly, depending on a crutch, personality, you name it. It was somewhat refreshing to find some comics on there that I’m not a huge fan of for whatever reason. I won’t say which, but is there anything more fun than bonding over mutual hatred? Hardly.

Just hopefully I can be not hated by most people. And try to be a good person. I’ll consider that a win.

People love videos. Here’s a video of “overrated comedians.”

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