“Scumbag Cult Hero” Kyle Kinane

Kyle Kinane is one of my absolute favorite comics. He’s from Addison, Illinois which is just a little drive away from my home town. And he’s a weird guy. He’s that weird uncle you have with a beard and a beer who is somehow weirdly poetic. I don’t know your uncle, so I’m sorry for being presumptuous, but you get what I’m saying.

Now defunct Grantland did a feature article on Kinane in January, when Kinane was starting to really emerge. He’s had a few albums recorded but he’s still not really a household name by any means. It might be because his style doesn’t translate well to TV in a lot of people’s minds. I don’t know if that’s true, but that’s the only reason I can think of why he isn’t all over television. But he does have a massive cult following. And comics love him.

Here’s a bit from the Grantland article. One of the staff writers actually travelled along with Kinane for several days to write the piece.

“Kyle Kinane is everywhere like farty Jesus. He is in the shower with a six-pack of beer. He is drunk at a Wendy’s drive-through ordering chicken nuggets out of the sliding door of a taxi van. He is the guy at Red Lobster getting into a fistfight with the night manager over whether the moon landing was faked. He is accidentally childproofing himself out of a microwave while trying to nuke Totino’s Pizza Rolls. Then he is berating the microwave, shouting at the microwave to unlock, finally unplugging the microwave and eating the pizza rolls raw, while in his underwear. The next day he is crapping his only pair of pants.”

What an intro, huh?

If that doesn’t convince you to find out more about Kyle Kinane, here’s a Tonight Show set of his from February.

6 thoughts on ““Scumbag Cult Hero” Kyle Kinane

  1. Stu I am curious. Where do you do your comedy sets? NYC’s badslava.com just seems to be comics performing for comics and paying for the privilege.

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    1. Well, yeah. Pretty much all NY mics are only comics there listening, but I actually mostly go to free ones. There’s also freemicsnyc.com. But in NY you don’t really get to perform for “real” people until you’re good enough to. It takes some time for other comics to put you on their shows or to audition and pass at comedy clubs. It’s not an instant thing. If new comics are dying to just be on stage at some comedy club in front of an audience, they can do bringers – which means that they’ll get stage time as long as they bring enough people who buy tickets and drinks at the club. But basically, bringers don’t mean much unless you kill and the club loves you. And that’s just not going to happen unless you can make all the comics at the open mics laugh. So you might as well get good at the open mics first. Hope that explains it a little!


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