How to Book Your Own Stand Up Comedy Tour

Are you a regularly booked comedian? Have you worked at well-known clubs? Then you’re just a little effort away from a do-it-yourself national tour.

I found this piece a year or so ago when it was exclusively up on Ron Babcock’s personal site. Now it’s featured on Laughspin, a swell comedy news source. Basically it’s a really long piece detailing how to schedule your own tour. Who is Ron Babcock? Well, he’s just some other comic. Or at least he was when he was writing this piece. Which is the main appeal…he tells you how to get booked across the country based only on the credits you have in your hometown. And a lot of other info and tips.

Some people love the idea of touring. Babcock barely broke even on the trip, but says it was worth the experience and meeting people. I’m looking forward to touring one day, so I’ll definitely come back to this piece when it comes time.

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