The Comic Who Amy Schumer “Stole From”

A lot of people who aren’t as knowledgeable about comedy today – especially the younger audiences – have never heard of Patrice O’Neal because he died young in 2011, at which time he hadn’t produced a ton of material. But comics pretty much all know and love his work. And I’m one of his fans.

He recently came up in the news for being the original source of a joke that Amy Schumer allegedly stole…which comics think is ridiculous.

Know Patrice for what he should be known for: good comedy. Check out his special Elephant in the Room.


9 thoughts on “The Comic Who Amy Schumer “Stole From”

  1. I have an entire bit on how now that I am not a teacher I understand and support cheating should have seen it as a scientists earlier. That said you are right. I only put hackey shit on my humor page for this reason. Until someone sees it is as mine first I don’t want to over share. Hard to keep stuff secret too nowadays. Rough for beginning comics. If you have see n Louis CK and even Joe Rogan talk though you know this is not new and you can still make it. Apparently Robin Williams was a joke stealer too. Who knew? Alright a bit of my cheaters bit. This never happened: One squirrel steals another’s squirrels nut slows down as he’s running away stops thinks shakes his head and turns back. He gives the other squirrel his nut back….and well you get it. Comics steal. Wall Street steals and kids copy HW the way of the f’in world.

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    1. Thanks for the comments! Do you worry a lot about what you put online? I guess I’ve thought about it a little bit, but not a ton…I found your comment about only putting out hacky stuff interesting and potentially worrisome haha.


  2. Here is a hackey bit of mine you can try. Have to have balls of steal and some may say I am stealing form Galifinakis but go on stage and straight faced to truly hackey shit…I mean take my wife please…no please take my wife…look around visibly tear up a note card next to you… on and on…even Ovaltine – is not oval and I am pretty sure it does not have a driver’s permit…then break into your real stuff after littering the floor in torn index cards…even if you do it – warning – I am so doing this too sometime – just to say I did. Its a great commentary of cheating.

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  3. Even at Patrice’s last show when the diabetes was clearly affecting him, he was funny as shit. Way to remember a true soldier of comedy. Good share.

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